Maka Albarn (hammerspacebook) wrote,
Maka Albarn

[005 // Audio/Action for Violet City library]

[Maka's in the library, of course. How else would one expect a nerdy Meister to relax after all of the ridiculousness that's been going on. She was using the 'Gear to take notes from the books she picked out...but then she caught sight of some of the titles and author names on the shelves.]

Shellder Silverstein? Stephen Kingler? Of Rattata and Men? These can't be real. I must be dreaming.

[There's a whuff sound which is replied to by Maka sighing.]

Yeah, Kali, I really shouldn't be questioning if it's a dream after all this, should I?


...Clefairy Tales. Really.
Tags: • location: Violet City, ► saved file: Maka is a nerd, ○ transmission: audio, ✘Claire, ✘Crona, ✘Doc Scratch, ✘Dr. Horrible, ✘Eikichi, ✘Grell, ✘Heather, ✘Izaya, ✘Karkat, ✘Kudou, ✘Lambdadelta, ✘Medusa, ✘Mitsuru, ✘Professor Stein, ✘Rose, ✘Soul, ✘Yuki
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